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At NorthWest Georgia Financial, we offer a number of investments that offer security, as well as the potential of good gains.

  • Have you lost any of your retirement savings in the last year?
      Would you like to stop gambling with your savings? 
  • Do you have any 401K money still sitting with a former employer?
      Would you like to take control of your money? 
  • What sort of Interest Rate are you earning on your savings?
      Would you like to possibly earn a better rate and defer paying taxes on the interest you earn?

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We provide a wide range of research and information on the highest quality, principal-protected annuity products, in addition to complete disclosure on all annuities offered. We offer a client-oriented approach to a wide variety of fixed-rate annuity products (all without any fees), including:

  • Immediate Annuities
  • Fixed-rate Annuities
  • Equity-indexed Annuities
  • CD-type Annuities
  • IRA Qualified Products

Unlike most insurance agencies and investment brokers that provide limited options, NorthWest Georgia Insurance has access to a wide range of investment products. This allows us to find the highest interest rates available. Our clients rest easy, knowing that they are receiving top returns on their investment, without exposing their investment to the risks that are typically assoiciated with stocks, mutual funds, ect.

Here are two of our more popular offerings:

CD Type Annuity: 4.00% guaranteed for 5 years. Tax Deferred growth! See below for more information.

Equity Linked Annuity: 11% First year bonus, 13.65% First Year Yield Guaranteed. Equity linked product (follows the S&P 500). Unlike a mutual fund, with this product you can NEVER lose money! Tax Dererred Growth! See below for more information.

We have many different investment options available. To find out more about our various products, please submit a quote form, so that we can help you determine which products are best suited to help you achieve your investment goals.

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