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Life Insurance

As we go through life, different events happen that change the course of our lives and our responsibilities. As these events come along, it's important to protect the financial well-being of ourselves and our loved ones. Below are some of the bigger events in our lives, and why we must protect them:

 Life Insurance

Saying "I Do" - Since most couples today depend on two incomes, life insurance is essential in the event of a premature death. Proceeds from a life insurance policy provide a surviving partner the funds to replace lost income and cover unplanned expenses at a difficult time. Different types of Life Insurance can help different needs. For example, in addition to providing financial protection on your life, permanent plans build cash values you can use for future needs such as emergencies, education expenses, starting a business or a new career - even supplemental retirement income.

Becoming a Parent - Nothing changes your life as quickly or as permanently as having a child. To protect your family's financial security, you probably have additional needs for life insurance. How much life insurance does your family need? Financial obligations multiply quickly for families with young children. Make sure that if you or your spouse died unexpectedly, the money would be there to replace your income and help your loved ones maintain their standard of living.

Buying a Home - A new home is likely to be your biggest financial commitment ever. Just as adequate homeowners’ insurance is a must, you also need to protect your mortgage. We can help you safeguard your new investment. If you or your spouse died unexpectedly, would your family be able to keep their home? It’s essential to have life insurance to pay the mortgage for your loved ones if you aren’t there. NorthWest Georgia Insurance offers a variety of options to help you design a policy that will meet your specific needs, including affordable coverage for one or both spouses.

Owning a Business - Would your business survive if you were not there to help make decisions and establish direction? NorthWest Georgia Insurance has solutions to provide for your family and keep your business operating if you were to die unexpectedly or become disabled by an accident or serious illness. Your premature death could seriously impact not only your loved ones but also your business. Make sure you protect what’s important to you with life insurance to fund buy-sell, key person or business-continuation arrangements. Because you own a business, your operation can provide life insurance for yourself and your employees.

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